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System Design


Knowledge is power. Consultations with Intelligence by Design help you get what you want in your custom-built computer.

Tired of being SOLD a system? If we only design your dream computer for you, we make no profit from building it. We, therefore, work with you--not against you--to see that you get the most for your hard-earned dollar.

Once you have a quote in hand, you can approach companies with confidence. Junk components cannot honestly be installed to raise the profits of the installer.

Consult with us on your next computer system.

Why buy a custom computer over a national store brand?

The reason is simple. When you want a professional photograph you set up your tripod, ruffle through your bag of lenses, select your flash, and choose either your Nikon or Kodak 35 mm. You don't run down to Save Rite and buy a disposable camera.

If you select a computer to fit your needs then it will not be outdated in two years.

Intelligence by Design designs computers that outshine what you find on store shelves. Unlike major manufacturers, we recommend industry standard components to build you an affordable, easily upgraded computer. We help you determine exactly what you need in a computer system.

You pay us for consultations only. Generally this charge is $75.00 for a single home system.  We make no extra cash selling you cheap, inferior products. Our profit comes only from helping you to choose the best system to fit your needs.

Remember, a fast processor running on slow memory is like a rabbit running through mud! A system performs according to the sum of all of its parts.

Key Benefits

  • Full disclosure of major components:
    • RAM
    • CPU
    • CASE
    • MEMORY
  • A system built to your needs
    • Designed to fit your applications
    • Designed with your future needs in mind
    • Built to expand to the level you choose
    • We take the time to help you make the right choices


Home Systems
We design systems for the home from high performance gaming systems to home servers.
Integrated design
Our computers are powered by intelligent design.

Intelligence by Design.

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