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Intelligence by Design
Our Services


Web Design and System Design

No matter where you are, we can create your home on the Internet or design the computer of your dreams.

Why buy a custom computer over a national store brand?

The reason is simple. When you want a professional photograph you set up your tripod, ruffle through your bag of lenses, select your flash, and choose either your Nikon or Kodak 35 mm. You don't run down to Save Rite and buy a disposable camera.

Why have an outsider design your computer and another company build it?

The designer does not GET PAID to cut corners on your dream computer.

Our Mission

To become a leading provider of computer solutions for the home and for industry. We are dedicated to serving the needs those who wish to advance through the use of technology.

Company Profile

Intelligence by Design offers many services. Since our business originally sprang from work on the Internet, we are familiar with a diversity of computer solutions.

We design graphics, both static and animated. We create streaming media -- turning your videos into broadcasts.

We design computer systems. This is a consultation service that discovers what you need and creates a quote for you.

We build custom computers to meet your needs.

IBD builds web sites from start to finish. We build the site, arrange to secure your Domain Name, set up your account at a host and upload it for you. In short, we do it all.

IBD is a level 2 member of the Microsoft Sitebuilder community and an OEM system builder.

Message from the President:

"Practical solutions for computer needs are difficult to find. Intelligence by Design looks ahead when it offers services to its customers; we look out for your future needs.

Keeping abreast of the changes in our industry and adapting to them saves you money down the road. More importantly, we offer you the tools to become more productive and, therefore, more successful in your own world."

Don Scott - Managing Director

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